About me


Lisa is a full time artist and creative who has recently expanded her love of painting and all things creative to a store and studio space in Chiltern.

Lisa is entirely self taught and paints from the heart.  She draws her inspiration from her happy childhood growing up on the family farm in Byawatha and her work is an expression of her joy, often featuring nature based themes.

Well known for her wonderfully cheerful and colourful naive artworks, Lisa's creativity is always evolving.  Recently she has developed a more whimsical style using mediums such as ink on paper, paper on canvas, stencilling, painting upcycled furniture and pots.

Many local businesses in North East Victoria find Lisa through word of mouth and commission her to paint an impression of their business.  Lisa's work can be found in the marternity ward of the Wangaratta Hospital, Milawa Hotel and Milawa Bakery, Tarrawingee Hotel, McEvoy Tavern in Eldorado and even a large mural adorning the wall of the children's section of the Wangaratta Library.


Lisa's workshops cater for all levels of experience and are delivered in the charming and inspiring setting of her studio in Chiltern, North East Victoria.

Lisa invites everyone to attend her workshops to unleash their creativity.  Those who have never tried art or painting are encouraged to join and discover their creativity in a supporting and fun environment; and those who are practicing creatives can enhance their skills and explore various medium and applications in a group setting.

Art and creativity is for everyone and Lisa will guide you through an engaging and inspiring workshop session.

At the end of every class you get to take home your very own one of a kind masterpiece.


Group sizes range from a minimum of 4 people through to a maximum of 8.  Group sessions are suitable for people from 12 years upwards.


3 Hour Workshops

The 3 hour workshops focus on painting and paint techniques.  This session is more detailed and involves more intricate methods and techniques.


2 Hour Workshops

The 2 hour workshops focus on a smaller project of a craft style and participants create a project with a specific outcome.


Got an Idea?

Tailored or offsite workshops for groups can also be arranged - call or email to discuss your ideas for a creative workshop.

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